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'Ariadne' is a nice reticulated maple with distinctly strong serrations along the ends of the leaf lobes.  The lobes are divided more deeply than some other reticulated maples.  The serrations are large and the veins follow them giving the appearance of sub-lobes.  The result is a unique feathery appearance.
Ariadne early springAriadne early spring

Ariadne mid summerAriadne fall
Spring foliage ranges from cream and peach tones to rosy orange colors when given ample sunlight on a network of greenish veins.  As with other reticulated maples, older growth will show stronger reticulation than new growth.  However, this maple does not show the degree of reticulation that some other varieties display.  Fall colors are orange and red.

'Ariadne' sometimes shows distinct whitish striations along the bark.  It has a semi upright habit, and it should reach over 10 ft high and wide.
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