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The Dissectum or laceleaf group of Japanese maple is what first comes to mind for many people when they hear of a Japanese maple.  The delicate foliage and unique weeping or mounding habit sets this group apart from other maples and trees.

Like other groups of Japanese maples, the dissectums can have primarily green foliage or various shades of red.  The most popular group (the atropurpureums and nigrums) will have reddish spring growth followed by deep purple red foliage during early summer.  Some will have truer "red" new growth with greener leaves in the summer.  Some will have yellow orange fall color, while most atropurpureums will have deeper orange to red fall color. 

In general, dissectums should be sited in partial sun or afternoon shade locations.  Some direct sunlight is needed to develop the red and purple colors that are desired, but some shade will help minimize leaf scorch in the summer.  This is especially true in the hot southern portions of the US.

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