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'Fireglow' is one of the best red Japanese maples for color retention during long hot summers.  The coloration rarely becomes brown (or bronze) in late summer like most popular red or purple varieties like 'Bloodgood'.
Fireglow early springFireglow early spring
The medium sized leaves emerge a dark burgundy before brightening to a rich burgundy red in early spring.  The leaves then darken to a purple burgundy color through most of the summer.  In strong sunlight orange red hues show through the purple burgundy color in the latter part of the summer.  The backs of the leaves show a mixture of reds and green during the latter part of the summer, but not as green as most other "reds".  Bright red colors dominate in fall.

'Fireglow' will become a medium sized upright Japanese maple reaching just over 15 feet tall in most areas.  It takes on a bit more of a shrubby look than 'Bloodgood' unless trained to be upright.  It grows relatively quickly when young, but it slows down at around 10 or 12 feet high. 
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